Renewable Energy Toolkit

The following post is a writeup created for “Magyar Urbanisztikai Tudásközpont Nonprofit Kft./Hungarian Urban Knowledge Centre (” providing case-study research surrounding the topic of sustainable city developments. 

Site Source: Sustainable Cities Collective

Article Title: Renewable Energy Toolkit for Enterprises

Author: David Thorpe

The Renewable Energy Toolkit is an intention to encourage cities to transition into more sustainable  and low carbon forms of energy. The Toolkits specifically aids public, private, property owners, asset managers and investors to conceptualize the availability of individualized sustainable technologies and how they can be utilized to best fit their needs. The Chief Executive of the Institute for Sustainability, Ian Short stated, “Renewable energy will play a major role in helping the UK to fulfill its carbon reduction commitments, whilst at the same time addressing energy security in a world where current resources are becoming increasingly constrained.”

The Toolkit includes potential renewable and low carbon technologies such as; using wood as fuel, heat pumps (air and ground-source), low-lead hydropower, anaerobic digestion, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal systems, and wind power. The toolkit also analyzes the possible barriers in utilizing renewable energy sources from small-scale to medium scale urban projects. The toolkits uses case studies to breakdown the local supply chain of energy consumption, existing and future policies and finical constraints to establish the best possible solution to urban energy efficiency.


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